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Design Development

DESIGN. How many strains are fusing in that one sound, for our hearts! This is the kind of activity in which we consider ourselves both experts and novices. We understand it not only as a beautiful picture and means to gain added value, but also as means of expression for us and our customers, as an area, opening up new opportunities, and, of course, as a pleasure to create in the given technological frames! What kind of design do we do? Qualitative! Web design, logos and emblems, print design, packaging and labels. We are pleased to develop the design of exhibition stands, brand zones, commercial equipment. In general, everything that you may need to start and promote any commercial and non-commercial project and what requires professional "wrappers", we can do anything. You'll like it!

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Printing аnd Copywriting

So, we developed a catalog design (flyers, postcards, calendars, code of laws of an island state, bank statement). The colors, fonts, lines - everything is fine. But often there are tables, graphs, drawings, texts, photos and captions under them - it is also us.

Special skill - to catch errors, edit texts, and do proofreading - does not appear suddenly and instantly. It’s better to fling yourself in the mercy of experts in this issue. And for printing editions also. The rule of "turn-key" works here too. You will save money, time and nerves for sure.

A foreign word "copywriting" means the ability to write simple, light, competent and understandable texts. We know how! We write, translate, edit. Especially technical texts, especially texts about complex products. But we also can make a card for a partner and the scenario for the New Year.

Texts, as the design, must be unique and also perform set tasks. Some texts should "touch", enthrall, raise questions and a desire to read more, the other - in plain language to explain complex things, and third ones - to encourage the accomplishment of any irrational action, such as a feat. And it's not the whole list. The thicker "cultural support" (and what did you think) the person in writing has, the richer and more interesting his language is. So, we tell you a secret - the largest concentration of people with high culture is in our company, in "Lukomorie"!

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Gifts With A Soul

Do you love to give gifts? We love! And not just any gifts, but gifts with a soul. Of course, a kind word is nice even for a cat, and sometimes we find how to use a standard cup... But to get a gift, made individually for your company, which no one would give - it is quite a different matter! A whole team works on that: designers, a creator, a project manager, who organizes the whole process, in other words, ensures that a creator and a designer stick to the terms, production produces everything, accountants pay for everything, and delivery service delivers everything. And we do it successfully. Visit

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You have decided to participate in the exhibition? Excellent! We will be pleased to develop for you a nonstandard interesting stand. Our approach: stand is a decoration. It should be inexpensive, convenient and memorable! We welcome lightweight constructions, optimum use of every centimeter of exhibition space, reasonable budgets.

We can, of course, make an expensive one, with painting and wow effects.

Main creative stages: idea, discussion, 3D designs, approval, preparation of the project and technical documentation - 1-3 months, then construction - and HOORAY! At last it all happened! EXHIBITION! It is 5-7 days, but how many impressions. Again: photo on the web site, video in the Internet, selfie in social networks. And then what? We work together and think about next exhibition!

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Organization Of Holidays

We avoid the word "corporative" which is literally stuck on everyone's teeth and ears. If we are to spend the company's money, it’s only for an unforgettable emotional holiday. Where everyone feels special and needed, a holiday that leaves a noble aftertaste!

Of course, customers and us, we will have to sweat. Come up with an idea, write a scenario, prepare requisite and decorations. Or maybe even make a grand skit. But without guest stars, without faces in a salad and without unnecessary costs. A dream for the team and for the director!

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Video Projects

Here we cannot stand apart from the fashion trends! If the customer wants to have a channel on YouTube, it should be filled with some content. Here our product overview videos in different genres would be useful. These reviews are very popular in online shops, and also it would be desirable to have a high-quality video on monitors in the places of sales. It could be also a feature-length product, for example, a full-blown film production, timed to the anniversary or filmed at the request of the workers, a review of products and technologies for training of partners and even video with a singing director - well, he likes to sing in his free time. The main thing is that image, text, titles and resolution were professional and then the captured video would serve for the benefit of the customer for years to come!